Here’s a short list of some of things we are doing for our current clients, but if you don’t see your need on the list, don’t worry!  Call us up and we’ll talk to about ways we may be able to help.

  • Revenue generating strategies
  • Improved client compliance and increased awareness of standard of care
  • Marketing
  • Team building and improved intra-office communication
  • Goal setting and budget building.
  • Cost cutting
  • Inventory control
  • Management coaching and support
  • Staff and doctor recruitment
  • Easy-to-generate financial information that gives you a quick overview of where your practice is and where it needs to be
  • Optimization of your Veterinary Software

Every owner has an understanding of their practice’s shortcomings and a vision of where they would like their practice to be.  Our team can give you the support to solve your practice’s problems and live up to your high expectations for medicine, service and ownership.

In the NYC metro area and need help finding a staff member? Click here for more information on this new service. (This site is currently under construction :)

Need a Lunch and Learn?

Bash Halow Consulting provides lunch and learn presentations and webinars for private practices and management groups regularly.  Classes come with great handouts and are all specifically aimed at getting our team members educated on the services we provide and how to discuss those services with our clients.  Here’s a list of some of the more recent classes:

Effective Client Communication

Merit Based Pay Increases

Common laboratory tests and their meaning

Diarrhea: What causes it and why these cases should always be seen.  Bash’s thoughts were recently published in the Sept 2011 of Firstline

What happens during an annual physical exam for a dog and a cat

How to Handle a Pet Emergency, Phone Call or Walk in.

Feline Health:  the importance of regular exams and how to make the vet visit less stressful


Pharmacy: vaccines, chronic medications, and common drugs



Cash Handling 101

…and more